SWISportsCorner September 10 Podcast


We're back with another podcast. Matt, Jason, and Andrew got together to discuss the latest in high school football.

Matt talked about the Sidney/Exira-EHK game, while Andrew went to the Essex/Clarinda Academy game. There was a lot of football to talk about.

The guys also talked briefly about the high school volleyball season as the season starts to pick up steam.

The guys, of course, started the show out of nowhere, talking about Andrew's affinity of making up morning show names. It's a fun time, so check it out.

SWISportsCorner September 5th Podcast


The guys are back with another podcast that was taped over the weekend. Matt, Jason, and Andrew spent most of the time talking about high school football.

The biggest topic at hand was the classic battle between Stanton and Fremont-Mills. Both Jason and Andrew happened to catch the game and gave their thoughts on how everything went.

Of course, the guys talk about much more in between all the games. Check it out for yourself!

SWISportsCorner August 29 Podcast


The boys are back for another edition of the SWISportsCorner Podcast. Matt, Jason, and Andrew spend most of the podcast discussing week one of the high school football season.

There was obviously a lot to talk about. They focused on a few of the storylines. Matt and Andrew both went to Malvern to see East Mills play Stanton and gave a few thoughts on that game.

The guys do wander off into talking about mascots, among a few other things. Once again, it's a pretty fun show.

SWISportsCorner August 14 Podcast


America's favorite podcast about the Corner Conference is finally back. (Okay we made that up, but we'll run with the concept) 

Matt, Jason, and Andrew are back for another edition as we get closer to the start of the fall sports season, which believe it or not, does start this upcoming week with week zero games in football.

The boys start out discussing a little rap music before talking about what the quintessential Chicago movie is.

Afterward, the guys talk about the athletic association's new plan for the boys' state basketball tournament. (Spoiler alert: It stinks!)

Finally, we get ready for the football season and try talking a little bit about the upcoming season. During the podcast, we mysteriously lost Matt and weren't sure what happened with him. (App crashed!)

It is a pretty fun show, even if it had to end sooner than expected. 

SWISportsCorner Kinda Late Podcast (Aug. 9)

The long wait is over, the SWISportsCorner Podcast is finally back. In a way, this was all like a summer vacation. Matt, Jason, and Andrew all got together last weekend to wrap up the 2017 summer season and ultimately the 2016-17 high school sports year. We meant to get this up a little sooner, but there were technical difficulties.

The guys announced the Baseball and Softball Players of the Year and wrapped up the show with the announcements for the Male and Female Athletes of the Year. In between, the guys talked about everything and anything. The discussions went from underground tunnels and bunkers to throwing sandwiches at Matt (the two are not related, we promise).

With fall sports around the corner, the guys are getting ready to get back into the new season.

SWISportsCorner May 15 Podcast

It's time for another edition of the SWISportsCorner podcast. Matt, Jason, and Andrew are back for another edition that features discussions about a lot of things, plus sports.

The biggest sports topic is of course the state track qualifiers. The guys go over the list, talking about all the events and all the qualifiers. The list of those Corner Conference qualifiers can be seen here.

Matt and Andrew both give their thoughts as they also talked a bit about what they saw at the state qualifying meet, last week.

The podcast had other discussions, including music and non-movie roles. Plus Jason talks about Nebraska City for some strange reason. 

There's even a touch of Mother's Day in the episode, since the podcast was recorded on Mother's Day. (It was recorded at night).

It's a fun episode, so go ahead and give it a good listen.

SWISportsCorner May 7 Podcast

Just like that, the guys are back! That kinda rhymed, I guess. It's another edition of the SWISportsCorner podcast. Matt, Jason, and Andrew spend the majority of the time discussing the conference track meet.

There was a lot to talk about and both Matt and Andrew broke it down event by event. They broke it down to the point that Andrew read off the relay race competitors like they were law firms.

The guys of course talked about other random things, but for the most part, they stayed on topic with regards to the track meet.

SWISportsCorner April 23 Podcast

Just like that, we're back. It's time for another edition of the SWISportsCorner podcast. The guys spend most of the episode going over the stats of the track season, bouncing back and forth between the boys and the girls stats.

Of course, the guys start the show by talking about mascots. It's always an interesting show when Matt, Jason, and Andrew get together to chat about...well anything!

SWISportsCorner Podcast Part 2: April 3

You've probably waited long enough. Here is part 2 of the said SWISportsCorner podcast. There's a little bit more sports talk in this one, but not nearly much more. You know how it is, with all that weather.

Part two continues off with talk about Corner Conference track and field bathrooms. There's talk about that. There's a little bit of talk about basketball, which Jason talks about one of the all-area teams from one of the area newspapers. We weren't sure which one he was talking about.

There was a little bit of track discussions. The guys briefly talked about last week's Audubon Wheelers meet before going off on more tangents.

This fun-filled episode is filled with talks about Siri, Alexa (the Amazon device), tubas, even Jason making weird sounds to Matt and Andrew's amusement. Something tells us we'll be getting a soundboard out of this episode.

SWISportsCorner Podcast April 2: Part 1

Just like that, we're back! It's time for another edition of the SWISportsCorner podcast. Matt, Jason, and Andrew get together for a fun time. Of course, they did go and talk a really long time, so this podcast has been split into two parts. We're presenting you part 1 first.

To be honest, there's virtually no sports talk in this first part. The guys opted to open the show talking about North Dakota for some strange reason. This hour was spent talking about driving around the Northern Plains, as well as favorite rap lyrics, even a little movie talk. The guys wrap up the first part talking about bathroom etiquette.

Originally, part 2 was going to be published in this post, but technical difficulties prevented this from happening.

Don't worry, though! We will have part 2 up on Monday.

SWISportsCorner March 5 Podcast

Just like that, the guys are back for another edition of the SWISportsCorner podcast. You could technically call this podcast the last one of the winter sports season since...well...winter sports for the Corner Conference is over.

Matt, Jason, and Andrew are back for another fun edition as they talk about the end of basketball season. The early topic of discussion focuses on the end of the girls basketball season. The girls state basketball tournament just concluded and they talk about the end of the season for Sidney.

The guys also talk about the all-conference teams and also give out their awards for the best basketball players of the season.

It's fun as always. And hey, there's even talk about street fighting Muppets. So feel free to give it a listen!

SWISportsCorner Feb. 25 Podcast

We're back for another jam-packed edition of the SWISportsCorner podcast. Matt, Jason, and (a hacking and coughing and not at all 100%) Andrew are back for another.

We jump right into things with a discussion of the regional final. And also get ready with a preview of the girls' state basketball tournament.  There was plenty to discuss, including whether dunking is a power move on the basketball court. 

The guys also talk about the boys basketball districts. The boys season is now over. There's still a lot to talk about, though.

As per usual, the guys continue to talk about a lot of things. It's completely random and unfiltered. Which is probably the way you like it...right?

SWISportsCorner February 20 Podcast

We're back for another edition of the SWISportsCorner podcast. This one is a two-parter. Matt, Jason, and Andrew are back for another fun-filled edition.

Part 1 focuses on basketball. They talk about Monday night's regional final, as well as the district basketball tournament. There's a lot of basketball to talk about. However, the guys also talked about Presidents.

Part 1 ends with Andrew in pain or something.A

As for part 2, it's a little more of the random talk. The guys cover quite a bit. It's a fun-filled edition, but tune in for the fun.