Sept 22 Football Schedules


Fremont Mills (2-2) vs. Essex (0-5)

F-M is going to improve every week for the rest of the season.  Jaeger Powers and Blake Hurley are back in the lineup.  The Knights will have some critical matchups ahead that could go either way, but this Friday doesn't appear to be one of them.

Essex is still searching for its first win and the road simply isn't going to get any easier.  The Knights are quite possibly the most dangerous 2-2 team you can face right now. 

Stanton (4-1) vs. Murray (0-5)

This isn't your older brothers Murray that was relevant on a regional basis.  This is 0-5 Murray that has only scored three times this season. 

Stanton is a top 20 team in the state.  They will be favored every game from here on out the rest of the season.  This one will be ugly.

Cam vs. Sidney

This one had the potential to be every bit as good as the 2012 clash between these same two teams in week nine of that season.  That was before CAM suffered at least three injuries to key players, including both linebackers and it's best receiver.

It's still an offense piloted by Thomas Hensley so chances are the Cougars will score, but its unlikely that the defense will keep Sidney's diverse, multi faceted offense from posting a big number.  The Cowboys are a LOT faster than East Mills who scored 57 last Friday night against CAM in Anita.

Unbeaten SIdney will be a substantial favorite, but do not sleep on a program like CAM, regardless of injures.  Pride and persistence + Thomas Hensley + fireworks.

East Mills (1-3) vs. Woodbine (2-2)

Well, East Mills scored 57 last week and Woodbine gave up 70+ to Academy.  East Mills surrendered 56 to CAM and Woodbine racked up 96 (!!!!) on the Eagles.

Expect a big total in this one.  BCMoore like the Wolverines by 9 in this one at Woodbine,  In terms of competitiveness this is the game of the week in the district.

Clarinda Academy (2-2) vs Elk Horn-Kimballton (2-2)

It's still Elk Horn.  2-2 or not.  When you go north of I 80 and they CAN hang a large number on you, they WILL hang a large number on you.  If you complain, their refs will throw a lot of flags at you.

Academy has played well so far this season, but this is a tough trip.