15 Questions with Janette Schraft


.  Favorite sport
2.   What was the last song you chose to listen to on your mobile device or computer.
3.  If you could play any instrument professionally, what instrument would it be.
4. What college sports team do you support.
5.  What is your favorite shape.
6.   If you could choose to have a superpower what would it be?
7.   What do you want to be when you grow up?
8.   What was the favorite moment of your high school career?
9.   Do you have a nickname?  If not what is your middle name?
10.  What is your favorite color?
11.  What part of what movie makes you cry, every time?
12.  What brand of shoes do you like to wear?
13.  Where were you born?
14.  Favorite place to visit
15.  Best thing about your high school


1. My favorite sport is easily track because it takes guts. I’m more of an oval runner, where the distances are set in stone and the outcome of the race relies more on the caliber of the runner and the numbers they lay down.

2. The last song I listened to was Bring It On Home To Me by Sam Cooke. I love my 60’s music because it always puts me in a good but you wouldn’t believe the myriad of genres I listen to; Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, RHCP, Eagles, AC/DC, Tyler The Creator, NAV, Sublime, Frank Sinatra, and Journey are just a few. Wanna talk to me? Let’s talk music.

3. If I could professionally play an instrument it would be the piano hands down. I love playing the piano because it’s so versatile. I would be able to play some Bob Seger Old Time Rock and Roll, then turn around with Ave Maria and you wouldn’t know what hit you.

4. I’m not big into sports, so I could lie and say I support ISU but I really wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

5. I do not have a favorite shape because all shapes are beautiful. I do not discriminate : )

6. If I could have a super power it would be super intelligence or mind reading. Super intelligence would get me a full ride to Harvard and a Forbes magazine cover for richest women with all my new inventions. Do you have any idea how many languages I could speak? As for the mind reading? Dear Mrs Miller, I apologize for staring at your forehead during the last test, I just had a hard time remembering that the 13th amendment was ratified in 1865 and abolished slavery in the United States.

7. I am absolutely clueless as if to what I want to be when I am older. If I could own my own business that would be lovely, but being a college professor sounds appealing as well.

8. My favorite moment of my high school career was when my own track coaches, Coach Irvin, Coach Schafer, and Coach Lang, congratulated me after my sophomore state track debut. There is something special about the recognition of those that I see on a daily basis in practice, that even the most prestigious interviewer can not give me.

9. Do I have a nickname? Yes. My nickname is actually so common that it is beginning to take over my actual name. “Nice race, Janet,” is said to me all too often. I genuinely believe that people think that is my birth given name. I blame you, Mr. Announcer at 7th grade science fair. 10. My favorite color is gold. To me, gold has such a positive connotation to it. It represents hard work, power, determination, and glory.

11. I cried when I watched Hacksaw Ridge this past summer. When private Dawson was beaten by a gang of his own men, he was asked to identify who had beaten him. When asked, he said “I sleep pretty hard,”. I also cried when he said “One more,” and continued to go back into battle to save more soldiers.

12. My favorite shoe brands include Adidas and Puma. I think their style is unique and exceptionally comfortable.

13. I was born in Norwalk, Ohio. We moved to Iowa when my father retired from the Air Force after serving as a Lieutenant Colonel.

14. My favorite place to visit is my brother’s house in Wisconsin. It is beyond beautiful up North and they have the best cheese, of course.

15. My teachers and coaches are the best thing about my high school. I love how even after some are no longer working in their positions, they still maintain a relationship with their past students because the genuinely care about their well being and want to see them succeed.