15 Questions with Abbi Adams


1. Favorite Sport - Volleyball

2. What was the last song you chose to listen to on your mobile device or computer? - Praying by Ke$ha

3. If you could play any instrument professionally, what instrument would it be? - Piano

4. What college sports team do you support? - ISU Volleyball

5. What is your favorite shape? – Circle

6. If you could choose to have a superpower what would it be? - To be invisible

7. What do you want to be when you grow up? - A pediatric nurse

8. What was the favorite moment of your high school career? - Starting to run shuttle hurdle at the end of my freshmen year of track because one of the girls who usually ran had pulled her hamstring. We made it to state after only running the event together in under 5 track meets. 9. Do you have a nickname? - Gabbigail was given to me by my grandpa who said I talked nonstop

10. What is your favorite color? - Purple

11. What part of what movie makes you cry, every time? - Megan Leavey when the dog saves her life.

12. What brand of shoes do you like to wear? - Nike

13. Where were you born? - Red Oak Memorial Hospital

14. Favorite place to visit? - Cancun or Glenwood Springs, Colorado in the summer

15. Best thing about your high school. - The support that is given to our students and athletes by each other and by the community!